In the world in which we live today, too many people find it difficult to take a public stand on critical issues, according to Michael Gartner, a 1997 Pulitzer Prize winner for editorial writing and author of ‘Outrage, Passion and Uncommon Sense’. Yet, there are times when we must, as individuals, take positions in promotion (or defence) of the public good. “You’ve got to believe in something. There are a lot of things I believe in and strongly. And you’ve got to care about what you’re writing or,” Gartner reportedly told an interviewer in laughter, “it reads like an editorial.”

The positions taken by the editorial board of a newspaper on burning issues of the day are collective ones. However, at THISDAY, we have also established a tradition by which, from time to time, individual members can share their own perspectives and interpretations of events, especially at critical moments. With the 2023 presidential election just ten days away, our members have decided to highlight some of the pressing issues that the eventual winner would have to contend with. These issues, we believe, should also guide voters in their choice. It is our contribution to the dialogue for a better Nigeria.

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