Driving Quality engagements and action in the public Procurements process

Community of Practice

Civil Societies, Journalist, Techpreneurs working together to improve the procurement process

Anti-Corruption Innovation Project

Building on existing progress to strengthen the ecosystem to advance open contracting in Nigeria

Community of practice to build a learning community of civil societies, media private sector, innovators, and other non state actors for Knowledge sharing 

Frame 3

Community of Practice Stakeholders


Civil Societies

Civil societies to hold the Government accountable to enhance value for money in all procurement process

journalists (2)


Media personnel to help write fact based stories on public procurement process that will inspire action from the required stake holders

techpreneurs (1)


Techpreneurs to develop tools to enhance procurement data visualization, analytics and to deployment of systems to further enhance the process

general public

General public

The public is the beneficiary of the projects initiated in contracting process, its important to have feedback from anyone and everyone affected by the projects.

What we are doing?

We are here to meet your demand and write the most beneficial way for you. We are always inspired by the world and people around us.

Years of studying procurement has made us device modern measures to solve procurement process and be able to create a community sustainable for stakeholders such as civil societies, journalists, techpreneurs and the general public.
We are always inspired by the world and people around us.

What you stand to gain

By becoming a member of the Community of Practice Platform, you stand to gain some of the below benefits and more

  • Quality Understanding of Procurement
  • Diverse view point on issues to provide you with insights that can inspire actions
  • Opportunities in the Public Procurement space 
  • Free admission to community events 
  • and Lot more
Our Goals

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