The Lions Club, has revealed plans to deepen its presence in Lagos as it working towards establishing the Club in Badagry area of Lagos State.

This is coming as the Club has approved a grant worth $147,000 to construct a caregiver home at the Federal Medical Center, Yaba.

The District Governor, DG 404b1, of the Club, Lion Kema Benedicta Ashibuogwu, told the media in Lagos on Wednesday that Badagry project will involve tree planting project to create a green environment and enlighten the people on eco-friendly projects.

A planned convention to herald the Programme, in Badagry will help in enlightening the people about what the Lions Club does, and also to raise awareness about childhood cancer.

The Club has also mobilized adequate resources to energize the community and enhance residents skill acquisition capacity.

They plan involves giving away sewing machines, grinding machines, walking sticks to the elderly, and exercise books to children.

Ashibuogwu, also said the Club is establishing a caregiver home for people taking care of children living with cancer.

The Club is also is using community grant been approved for Lions Club to do an awareness program to sensitize people about childhood cancer.

Under the plan, there will be a march-past on the 15th of February which is a Global awareness month for children living with cancer.

The march-past is to raise awareness and celebrate children living with cancer, said Ashibuogwu, adding that, “The event is also going to be used to honour the child of a Lions Club member who died of cancer 2–3 weeks ago.”

On the district convention in Badagry described to be the first of it’s kind, she said more than 1,200 Lions Club members have registered for the convention.

Lions Club is providing free transportation to convey members to Badagry.



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