The revelation by revered billionaire Aminu Dantata that he no longer enjoys life has got Nigerians talking.


Dantata made the comment when he hosted the All Progressives Congress (APC) vice presidential candidate Kashim Shettima.


The former Borno governor and his entourage were at the residence of the business mogul in Koki quarters in Kano on Tuesday.


The 91-year-old elder statesman said he had done everything on earth and looking forward to passing on peacefully.


Dantata recalled how he travelled to all the states in Nigeria and did things with people in those places.


“Sadly, of all the people I know, I hardly can call out 10 that are still alive.


“Among my entire family of brothers and sisters, I’m the only one still alive.


“And my friends whom we grew up together, I don’t think there are more than three of us.


As I am right now, I am just waiting for my time. I no longer enjoy life anymore. I hope I depart this world in good faith”, he said.


Dantata appealed to anyone he offended to forgive, adding that he had forgiven those who offended him.


Reactions are trailing the remark by the renowned philanthropist.


Former Kaduna Senator, Shehu Sani tweeted: “When you live longer than your peers, you become a stranger in the world you live in. Everything becomes uninteresting including wealth, health, longevity & everything you once prayed for.”


@YusufMusa1820: “Dantata’s statement about life should provide food for thought for everyone. This a man that God has blessed with almost everything life can offer. It clearly shows that even with the worldly good things, there would be a time when you no longer feel them.”


@MahdiGarba: “Dantata’s avowal…should serve as food for thought to young people who think money is everything. The 91 year old business tycoon said he’s not finding anything exciting about this world. This send chills down my spine.”


@Lamumarfaisal: “This life is nothing but vanity upon vanity. Aminu Dantata that had it all is no longer comfortable being here. This is a lesson for us all.”


The former board chairman of the Northern Nigeria Flour Mills Plc (NNFM) is an uncle to Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest man.


Dangote, 65, publicly confirmed Dantata supported him with startup funds decades ago.

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