In accordance with the PPA, it is the responsibility of the procurement agency and any other regulatory council to periodically consider, approve, and modify the monetary and prior review thresholds for the application of the PPA’s provisions by procuring entities.According to the Revised Thresholds for Service-Wise Application that are currently in place and have been approved, the BPP and the Federal Executive Council have a maximum approval limit of N100,000,000 for goods, N500,000,000 for works, N100,000,000 for non-consultancy services, and N100,000,000 for consultancy services.The Ministerial Tenders Board, Parastatal Tenders Board, Permanent Secretaries, and Directors General each have their own set of thresholds for the various kinds of services.Edges are additionally set as to the acquisition/determination technique, for example, Global Cutthroat Offering, Public Serious Offering, single-source contracting, and so on.

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